Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This update was long overdue.

In January my laptop's HDD crashed, losing all my translations in the process. Never bothered posting about it since I thought people just stopped checking this blog, but I saw a thread on /m/ a few days ago about Origin and someone mentionned how I hadn't updated in months.

Well, that's why I haven't been active. Might retranslate Origin once my semester is over (this friday), but I promised someone on /m/subs that I'd translate the second volume of the Patlabor manga and I lost that in the crash as well. So we'll see how motivated I am about all this once the semester is over...

ALSO, looking for photoshoppers. Leave a comment if you're interested. I have all the raws and can link you to them if you don't have them.

Hope to have good news soon for all of you.

- AirMaster

PS: Super Street Fighter 4 is awesome. PSN is Air0087, if you see me on ranked don't hesitate to challenge me.